About Malofiej

Malofiej are the Awards, considered the Pulitzers for infographics, the professional workshop “Show, Don’t Tell!” and the Conference in Pamplona annually bring together the best infographics artists from media (newspapers, magazines, agencies) from around the world. Malofiej is organized by the Society for News Design Spain (SNDE).

The competition is open to all general circulation newspapers —daily or non daily, broadsheet or tabloid, printed or digital— and magazines published anywhere in the world, as well as syndicates, agencies, infographics service providers, books, blogs and other online information distribution channels providing graphics.

Malofiej Conference
For the past twenty-eight years, the world’s best specialists in information graphics have met in Pamplona, Spain, to attend the annual Malofiej conference, named in honor of the Argentinian cartographer Alejandro Malofiej, who died in 1987.

Workshop “Show, Don’t tell!”
Every year, preceding the Conference it takes place the professional workshop “Show, Don’t Tell!”. The workshop, conducted in English, runs for three days from Monday to Wednesday and normally has from 20 to 25 participants. The aim of the sessions is to enhance the conceptualization of infographics, their planning and the reporting, as well as fostering teamwork, above the final product itself. Participants work in teams on the projects surpervised by the instructors and give a presentation at the end of each hands on exercise.


The Society for News Design (SND) is a nonprofit organization that brings together around 2,600 visual journalists (designers, infographers, illustrators,…) from around the world. The Society’s annual activities, its competition and publications have been essential references for newspapers and magazines worldwide since the late 70′s, when it was created with the expressed purpose of fostering publications that are more easily accessible to their readers.

Standing behind the visual revolution (innovations in photography, the introduction of color, adoption of formats that can be read quickly, etc.) that newspapers and magazines have experienced over the past 25 years is, undoubtedly, the work of the SND.

The SND is organized into regions. Spain is the base for Mediterranean Europe, from Portugal to Greece (SNDE). The headquarters of Region 14 and the offices of the SND Spain are located at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra. In 1993 University of Navarra professors Juan Antonio Giner and Miguel Urabayen decided to honor Alejandro Malofiej. He was an Argentinian cartographer considered to be a pioneer in infographics, and who died in 1987. Urabayen had met him during one of his trips to Argentina. The University of Navarra is the repository of his works. His colleagues Raul Burzaco and Hilda Mouro donated a significant collection of his hand-drawn pictures and personal mementos. And the Malofiej Awards and Conference are named for this cartographer in specific recognition of his career.

The Malofiej are today an essential reference for their prestige and drawing power. The Awards, unanimously considered to be the Pulitzers for infographics, the professional workshop “Show, Don’t Tell!” and the Conference in Pamplona annually bring together the best infographics artists from media (newspapers, magazines, agencies) from around the world.