Enter your best print and digital 2020 work

Download the PDF with the categories, prepare your material and submit entries here by May 7, 2021,

The 29th edition of the Malofiej Awards for Infographics, once again organized this year by the SNDE and the School of Communications at the University of Navarra, has had to adapt to the current health situation. For this reason, we are launching a digital platform that will allow both for the submission of works and their subsequent evaluation by the jury. All works submitted to the competition, both in the print and digital categories, will use this channel. 


From 6 April to 30 April you can upload your entries using the new platform.


The 29th Malofiej Edition is open to all general circulation newspapers —daily or non-daily, broadsheet or tabloid, print or digital— and magazines published anywhere in the world, as well as syndicates or agencies producing graphics. Corporate or any professional association publications, advertising, publicity, and self-promotional materials are also eligible. College and design school students are accepted as well. You do not need to be a member of SND to enter. All entries must have been published between 1 Jan. 2020 and 31 Dec. 2020. Each publication or author may submit any number of entries in any category. It is possible to enter the same piece in multiple categories. Entries may be moved to another category or disqualified if they fail to follow the rules as outlined.

Print categories/ PDFs

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, submissions will only be delivered digitally using the new online platform. All entries should be submitted in PDF format. Entries must appear as they were published and may not be further edited. PDFs altered after publication will be disqualified. Entries that are double-page spreads should be arranged so that they are displayed as one single page. PDF files must not be greater than 20 mb.

Digital categories / Links

Similar to the print categories, all entries for the digital categories must be submitted through the platform. Works published in media channels that use a paywall or which restrict the volume of visits must include a username and password that will be valid until 30 June 2021 in order to allow the work of the jury.


Among all the works submitted to the Awards, the jury will award a “Best of Show” from all the works submitted for all print and digital categories.

1A. Best Map ‘Miguel Urabayen Award’
1AA. Print
1AB. Digital

1B. Climate Change and Sustainability
1BA. Print
1BB. Digital

1C. Minorities and Human Rights
1CA. Print
1CB. Digital

1D. Gender Equality
1DA. Print
1DB. Digital

2. Breaking News
Submit the graphics published on the full news cycle nearest to the event.
2A. News
2B. Continuous coverage of an event
Up to five days in case of newspapers and the next edition/issue in the case of magazines and weekly.

3. Features
Infographics for features, special reports or non-breaking news.
3A. Local Issues
3B. National & International
3C. Business & Technology
3D. Sports
3E. Entertainment, Arts, Culture, Travel & Food
3F. Health, Science & Environment
3G. Lifestyle & Trends
3H. Social issues

4. Planned Coverage
Planned coverage prior to a special event, such as an election.

5. Opinion

6. Front Page Graphics
Graphics published on the front page of the publication.

7. Regular Appearance Sections
Weather, Markets, regular sections…

8. Portfolios
A selection of five to ten graphics.
8A. Breaking News Portfolio Staff
8B. Features Portfolio Staff
8C. Individual Portfolio (1 author)

9. Promotional & Corporate
Graphics published by companies as promotional or other corporate material.

10. Breaking News
10A. Breaking News
Coverage on the same day  and the next day to the event
10B. Continuous coverage of an event
Updates along the week.

11. Features
11A. Local Issues
11B. National & International
11C. Business & Technology
11D. Sports
11E. Entertainment, Arts, Culture, Travel & Food
11F. Health, Science & Environment
11G. Lifestyle & Trends
11H. Social issues

12. Planned Coverage
Planned coverage prior to a special event, such as an election.

13. Portfolios
13A. Breaking News Portfolio
13B. Features Portfolio
13C. Individual Portfolio (1 author)

14. Innovation Format
14A. Visual storytelling
14B. Data Visualization
14C. Experimentation

15. Formats
15A. Motion Graphics
15B. Social Media Graphics
15C. Immersive: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

16. Promotional & Corporate
Graphics published by companies as promotional or other corporate material.

Students whose work has not been professionally commissioned or published. Students under 25 years of age.

17. College projects
17A. Individual
17B. Team

18. Personal projects
18A. Individual
18B. Team


Judges Special Recognition, Print & Digital
Single page entry*: 25 euros.
Multiple page entry**: 50 euros.
Portfolios/Specials: 100 euros.

* Single: a single infographic (and only one) included in a page or spread from a newspaper or magazine for print categories or magazine for print categories, and one link in case of digital categories.
** Multiple: an infographic that occupies more than two consecutive pages, even with different publication dates, except portfolios and specials, in case of print categories, and more than one link for digital categories.
** Portfolios: a selection of five to ten infographics for both print and digital categories

Individual: 15 euros
Team: 30 euros


Credit Card (Recommended option)
You may pay directly with your credit card through Universidad de Navarra’s payment platform here.

Bank Transfer
Holder: Universidad de Navarra
Account Number: 0182 5912 73 00000 42715
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Oficina Pamplona-Institucional
Code IBAN: ES12 0182 5912 7300 0004 2715
Concept: Unidad 220905
Bank receipt of the transfer must be send by e-mail malofiej@snd-e.com.


By submitting work, you and your publication are granting permission to the Society for News Design España (SNDE) to use the material in academic pursuits, in any publications or displays (printed and electronic) of the SNDE and in publicity and promotional activities. Your publication will receive credit for any work reproduced.

The competition is open to graphics, infographics and visualizations, and dataviz published in any language. In the categories for print graphics, if the language of the graphic is not English, it is advisable to accompany the entry with a brief explanation in English (maximum 300 words).


The jury will evaluate the works submitted to the competition during the month of May. The jury will be made up of a large group of professionals, experts, and scholars from different countries.
No member of the jury will be allowed to evaluate his/her own entries, or entries published by any company with which he/she has had a professional relationship within 12 months before the date of judging.

Awards will be announced on 15 June 2021.


Single page entry: 25€ Multiple page entry: 50€ Portfolios/Specials: 100€
Student category: 15/30€

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