Malofiej, postponed

The School of Communication of the University of Navarra has decided to postpone the celebration of Malofiej and ÑH, while we open a period of reflection to think about how to continue with them in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to exceptional circumstances for the past two years, which made us think that perhaps it is a good time to stop and think about what is essential and what is accessory to maintain the spirit of ÑH and Malofiej. These considerations have led the School to stop hosting both events, so there could be a time for reflection, to listen to the people involved, as well as other experts. The School of Communication will be creating a work group with some of those professionals to think about the best way forward in the coming years, while maintaining the consistency in teaching journalism and its visual aspect that has always prevailed in the School.

The first edition of the Malofiej Awards took place in 1993. Since then, the School of Communication has hosted the events of these renowned international awards, in a celebration that gathered hundreds of infographers in Pamplona for several days around both the annual conference and the workshops organized alongside the awards. On the other hand, the ÑH Awards have always aimed to recognize the value of design in the Iberian media for the last twelve years, and since 2016 in the Latin American media as well.

The School of Communication of the University of Navarra would like to thank Javier Errea (president of the Spanish section of the SND), Álvaro Gil, and their team of collaborators for the excellent work carried out in the last twenty years.

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