The Competition Is On

Even though the Conference and the Workshops have been cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, the Malofiej 28 competition continues on. The jury will be evaluating all submitted works telematically, both in the print and digital categories. To do this, the SNDE will contact all participants to inform them as to how the event will proceed. Our goal is to announce the winners during the month of June. We thank you all for your understanding and collaboration.

For this year’s Malofiej Awards 1,000 entries from 162 media organizations in 34 countries have been presented. Of these, 400 are in the print categories and 600 are in digital form. By countries, the United States is most represented, with 30 media entities, followed by Spain (23), Germany (21), and Brazil (13). Entries have also been submitted from media in Switzerland (9), the United Kingdom (8), Italy (7), Portugal (5), Norway (4), Russia (4), the Netherlands (4), Finland (3), and France (3). Together with these are entries from Argentina, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, with two media entities each, and one each from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Peru, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, and Ukraine.

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