Discover the projects of the 2019 International Workshop for Students

Instructors: Michael Stoll, Professor (Augsburg University of Applied Sciences) and John Grimwade, Professor (Ohio University)

This two-day infographic workshop was held at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra (UNAV). 17 university students from the University of Navarra, Ohio University, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and University of North Carolina, participated in an infographic workshop with John Grimwade and Michael Stoll, two expert instructors. Activities included field research, documentation, editing, sketch and design. The students created an infographic and had the opportunity to show the work to the professionals during the Summit:

Student Group 1: Ana Chueca Torres, Alex Mason, Julian Schindler and Alicia Denninghoff

Student Group 2: Erynn M. Affeldt, Veronika Graf, Kaitlin Heneghan, Julia Proto and Valentine Hilaire.

Student Group 3: Eva König, Jeana Rayo, Silvana Infantozzi and José Gutiérrez.

Student Group 4: Sarah Whitmore, Maialen Irujo, Niklas Marienhagen and Damian Osterkamp.

John Grimwade
Assistant Professor in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. Infographics director for Eight by Eight magazine. John’s career has spanned the transition from pens and paper to computers, and on to big data. He’s been a graphics director on one newspaper and four magazines. He has worked in editorial and corporate areas, both for print and online. Before this student workshop, he was an instructor at twenty Show Don’t Tell workshops. He has also served as president of the Malofiej Awards jury on three occasions, and has won more than 80 major infographic awards, including the Alejandro Malofiej Award.

Michael Stoll
Prof. Michael Stoll studied communication design at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Germany, from 1987 to 1991 and graduated with the thesis “A Classification of Infography“, mentored by Prof. Bernd Jahnke. From 1991 to 2005, he was a freelance designer and infographic artist based in Tuebingen. His clients included newspaper publishers in southern Germany. He also held courses in infography at the “Haus Busch” journalism centre (Hagen), the IFRA newspaper institute (Darmstadt) and the Akademie der Bayerischen Presse (Munich). Since 2005, he has been teaching media theory and infography at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, where he is head of the study track Information Design in the Department of Design. Key study-related activities he offers on a regular basis include field trips to international conferences and partner universities, lectures by leading practitioners and sector-specific exhibitions at the department. He teaches “Visual Storytelling” on a regular basis at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) as part of the bachelor programme “Journalism/Digital Media”. At the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), he regularly teaches “Visual Culture: Infography” in the masters programme “Journalism”.

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