The International Workshop for Students is directed to undergraduate students and will be held at the School of Communications of the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) on 23 and 24 March 2020, during the week of the Malofiej Conference. This year’s workshop will be led by professors Lisa Borgenheimer of Augsburg University of Applied Science (Germany) and Lisa Bucher of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany). Participation is open to students from these two universities, from the University of Navarra, in addition to students from universities or schools from any country. The workshop will be conducted in English, there is no course fee, and places are limited to those students selected to participate. 

„Dear XY“ – Cartographic Postcards from Pamplona

The namesake of the Malofiej conference Alejandro Malofiej was an Argentinian pioneer in infographics and a cartographer. In this workshop we will combine the interest in unconventional datasets and the technique of „old-school cartography“.


Short description

The task is to collect and visualize data to a specific location in Pamplonas‘ historic city. The outcome is considering a specific target group and visualizes a certain suitable topic. The same street will be analyzed and the students are focussing to a special aim/interest or point of view. The students are researching and collecting the data by themselves. The intended target group should be clearly distinguished from the needs of a traditional card-user by a particular interest. The collected data and information will be translated into a suitable visual language and the counted parameters should visually link to the actual geographic conditions. Finally, each work is carried out on the format DinA6 as an „Unusual-Postcard-from-Pamplona“. In the end the postcards can be either sent to the real target persons or could be duplicated and distributed as a give-away to the visitors of the Malofiej confernce. We will change the view of Pamplonas visitors with special maps.


Monday March 23

09:00 am   Welcome and introduction to the workshop.

09:30 am   Field research in the city.

12:45 am   Presentation by one of the professional workshop instructors.

01:45 pm   Working lunch.

03:00 pm   Research/story-finding discussion. Sketching and planning the project.

04:00 pm   Work on projects. Each group discusses their project with the instructors.

06:30 pm   Presentation: Short project idea presentation to the whole workshop, and goals set for Tuesday.

07:30 pm   End of the first day.

Tuesday March 24

09:00 am   Presentation by one of the professional workshop instructors.

10:00 am   Work on projects.

12:45 am   Presentation by one of the professional workshop instructors.

01:45 pm   Working lunch.

02:45 pm   Work on projects.

05:30 pm   Presentation: Showing the final graphics, group by group.

07:00 pm   Diplomas and closing remarks.

07:30 pm   End of workshop.