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Life beyond the data: minute infographics

Ten projects which present a much broader concept of infographics and data visualisation than what they are commonly understood to be. The selected authors, all of whom are recognized on a world level, generally ignore the vast terrain of macroeconomics, war, and sport. They prefer diving into the turbulent ocean of their own lives, with its tiny details and obsessions. They do not reject the rigor of statistics; on the contrary, it is the starting point of their work, which they base on data. But they dream of going further; of representing even opinions and emotions. Working as methodically as etymologists, they obsessively collect data on themselves. They gather, they investigate… they find out things. Above all, they discover themselves and uninhibitedly share their results. Despite having very different techniques, sensibilities, and even concerns, these projects proclaim an unequivocal commitment to today’s world and a critical eye toward our society. They are small meaningful stories, or what Giorgia Lupi termed ‘data humanism’.


From codices to big data: women and visualisation

As in many other specialisations, data visualisation has been monopolised until very recently by men… apparently. Women’s names are increasingly present, confirming the very important role they have when it comes time to describe reality and its data through images. Illustrators and colourists at first, then mapmakers, women are today definitively incorporated in ‘data-viz’ and are a decisive factor in the application of statistical rigor on daily life. Furthermore, many experts concur in indicating that the greater involvement of women in the discipline has generally brought forth a vision more committed to social justice and bettering the planet than that of their masculine colleagues. Whether this is true or not, WOMAN wishes to recognize the role of the many pioneering women who remain unknown or who were eclipsed by their male peers, as well as the role of the highly noteworthy women present today at conferences and in publications around the world. Of those, we have gathered only a small selection; of these, the ones on display are an authentic and unarguable contemporary ‘hit parade’.