Carl Chineme Okafor

Chineme, is a business journalist and has worked for 10 years covering the Nigerian and global energy market – electricity, oil and gas, for THISDAY Newspapers from its Abuja Bureau. He also writes on infrastructure and urban poverty for the newspaper, and occasionally steps in as an in-house business and economy analyst for the paper’s broadcast arm, Arise News Network which broadcasts from Abuja, London, and New York. He has degrees in business, education, and international diplomacy. In 2019, he was awarded a journalist fellowship at the prestigious Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) in the University of Oxford, where he researched on the growing use of infographics and new media tools in Nigeria’s journalism.

Talk title: A ‘New’ Table for All in Africa. How data visualization can help journalists further give people access to information in Nigeria, Africa.

“Infographics have a unique way of explaining concepts to people and allow them to explore the data independently. With the right combination of data, design, technologies and networks, it can become the most convenient method of bringing statistics to life.
Because good infographics ought to educate and inform people in a quick, clear and engaging manner, journalists have found them to be very useful journalistic tools in turning complex news source materials into simple editorial outputs. Africa is on the rise with its surging young and educated population, and her journalists can further democratize access to information in the continent through infographics. The young, old, educated, and uneducated in Africa have a space on this ‘new’ table”