Catherine Qian Ma

Hi, I’m Catherine Ma from Beijing, China, now a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Miami, advised by Dr. Alberto Cairo. I focus on data journalism research by using a constructive approach. I used to be a data journalist and designer in Xinhua News Agency, mainly looking into topics about traditional culture and popular science. I got my M.Eng and B.Eng in Tianjin University, majored in industrial design and interaction design. I love playing the piano, sketching and Taekwondo.

Talk title: Data visualization, reimaging the Stories of China
What is it like in China through data storytelling? In this lecture, I’m including data storytelling cases reflecting typical Chinese events and traditions. For instance, what Chinese parents are expecting when considering their children’s marriage, why Chinese poems Songci is so appealing, and how to prepare a family cuisine in the Chinese Spring Festival. Also, I’m going to show you the emerging formats applied in data storytelling, such as mini video, data sketches and augmented reality. Meanwhile, I will introduce several interesting newsgroups and individuals as well as their routine working in this field. As a whole, you will see that although data storytelling is still in its infancy in China, we are trying every effort to make it unique and stronger. It will enlighten the journalism future.